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Who we are

We're a branding agency that helps purpose-driven businesses become industry leaders through effective design strategy, becoming a growth partner you can trust. Specializing in the wellness, beauty, and household sectors, we provide the tools and support for your brand's success.

What we can help you accomplish

Create, Communicate & unify your story.
Build customer loyalty.
Increase your brand’s memorability.
Build trust & credibility.

Our Clients

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Where aesthetics and functionality meet

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What our clients say

We value long-term relationships with our clients, that’s why we work in personalized small-scale teams that perfectly cater to the unique requirements of each client and project.

This leads to results that are best described in their words.

“What sets Antara Studio apart is their unwavering commitment to quality, even within tight timelines, ensuring that every detail is impeccable. They excel in fast communication, making the entire process efficient. It's a pleasure to work with such talented and collaborative professionals. Their versatility and reliability truly make them a great go-to choice for branding and design."

Mariana Zuluaga

International Marketing Director at L'Oreal Paris

“Antara’s team brings their exceptional taste level and boundary-pushing ideas to every project. They immerse themselves in their work, researching the company, its ethos and core values and, in effect, become part of the team.”

Alison Nieder

Project Manager for Artistic Milliners

“Antara Studio is a stand-out agency that has brought the highest levels of design and strategy to projects that span the fashion, textile and housewares markets for audiences that range from consumers to C-suite executives and industry-leading creatives.”

Erin Barajas

Project Manager for Star Fades International

“Antara Studio was the best decision we made for Codifica’s brand.”

Ileana Mendez-Ruiz

Founder of Codifica


The brands we work with are all unique,
but our footprint remains the same.

bold, elevated & intentional

Give your brand a soul

At Antara Studio, we believe that a brand with impact is one that has a soul. It’s one with purpose, that’s authentic, unique and transparent, and above all, that adapts and evolves over time. A brand with soul is expansive and connects with others of it kind.