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Fitfreedom is an online program that helps women in their menopause regain their mojo through gentle progressive exercise and menopause-specific diet. The founder, Livia Francis, is a Pro athlete based in the UK striving to help women across the world.

Typographic web design for Fitfreedom

Menopause is something that all women go through, but not many like to talk about. It’s a natural phase that affects women, not only physically, but emotionally and socially too.

We had the challenge to create a beautiful brand for a “not so beautiful” topic. The client reached out to Antara Studio to create a brand that would have a positive and inspirational tone, as the menopause can be a sensitive topic for some women.

By combining a feminine and delicate typographic selection with natural and mature color tones, we created a brand that feels elegant and modern. This way, it will attract just the right target audience: women that care about their body and mind. The brand looks fun while transmitting a sense of care and trustworthiness to their clients.

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