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Star Fades Intl


Branding,Social Media Content,Editorial Design,Sales Presentations,Signage,Web Design


Star Fades International is a denim laundry, production house, and design center in Los Angeles. It Represents a unique dichotomy in the industry as it is a combination of tech & innovation as well as design & craft all while maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and social performance. SFI creates collections for designers and mass-markets across all categories, from denim to knits, it's a 360 solution for fashion leaders in the market.

Branding design for Star Fades International, a denim wash house in Los Angeles.

For SFI, we became a branding partner working almost as their in-house design team. We created SFI’s brand identity and website focusing on the concept of dichotomy, communicating their design driven nature along with their innovative and technological essence. By creating a brand that is appealing to the fashion design industry, we communicated their competitive advantage clearly, aiming to attract new clients.

SFI tripled their sales in almost one year. While it would be remiss to solely attribute their remarkable success to branding, it undeniably played a substantial role in their achievements.

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