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Branding,Web Design


At Codifica, children and teens learn programming through interactive classes that encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. The Codifica team approached Antara Studio to create a brand image that clearly communicated its mission: Foster creative problem solving to build a better world.

Branding and packaging for purspose driven business

We created Codifica’s brand by using building blocks as a representation of tools to build a better world. We use building blocks to build, play and learn - and this is precisely what Codifica is for children.

From the logo to the classroom walls, the building block concept is present everywhere in their brand. However, in the website, we made it interactive for the user. We gave meaning to the pieces by exploring ideas like gravity, balance and decomposition of objects. One of the key features of computational thinking is being able to see a big problem and breaking it down into small parts to solve it effectively and creatively. Indeed, this concept is materialized visually in the brand through the use of building blocks.

Codifica doubled their size in one year. As the founder says, their brand image and website have been a key player in their growth.

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