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Grana Coffee


packaging,Product photograpy,Illustration


Grana is an organic and compostable capsule-coffee brand. It's the only single-origin specialty coffee in the capsule market, and they aim to support Guatemala’s local coffee production by sourcing directly to ensure fair prices for specialty, small-lot producers.

Product photography for coffee

Our challenge was to communicate their unique promise, caring for their people and their planet, while using elegant visuals that would stand out on the super market shelves. Both designs follow the same style, but communicate unique messages. The first product line uses Guatemala’s mountain views to communicate their origin, while the design of the second product line communicates that their coffee is produced, selected, and sold by Guatemalan women. Fitting all the information and stamps in a small-sized box was very challenging. All the information had to be in English and in French as they sell not only sell in the US and UK, but also in Canada, so we were careful to make all the information clear and easy to read while making the illustrations stand out.

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